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Nuclear Medicine Training and Consultancy
Evolution of Innovative Ideas and Preparation of Feasibility Reports
Literature Survey
R&D Project Preparation and Management
R&D and Project Management Training and Consultancy

Nuclear Medicine Training and Consultancy
We provide training and consultancy services on Nuclear Medicine Centres –including SPECT and/or PET within the concept of Nuclear Medicine– planning-feasibility-establishment, research, radiopharmaceutical, device knowledge, radiation protection, quality control, calibration, clinical diagnosis and treatment applications with our personnel who has proven competency in the subject matter.

Evolution of Innovative Ideas and Preparation of Feasibility Reports
Technological innovation activities are all of the scientific, technological, organizational, financial and commercial steps, including investments in new knowledge, which actually, or are intended to, lead to the implementation of technologically new or improved products and processes. R&D is only one of these activities and may be carried out at different phases of the innovation process. It may act not only as the original source of inventive ideas but also as a means of problem solving which can be called upon at any point up to implementation. (Frascati Manual)

Literature Survey in All Subjects
Surveying and providing of national and international literature, theses, standards in any subject forming your activity fields, new studies, new projects,  moreover, follow-up of the new literature and providing information on the subject matter.

R&D Project Preparation and Management
Despite the fact that companies may have the chance to obtain great success and material gains through research and development activities, it is known that companies abstain from this activity because of some difficulties and in particular because of bureaucratic difficulties related to preparation of R&D projects. Mol-Image, with its sufficient experiences and human resources, can prepare R&D Projects on behalf of you, thus contribute to the future of your company.

R&D and Project Management Training and Consultancy

  • Mol-Image has the vast knowledge to help you in getting prepared to the exploring and innovative world of today. Among the subjects,
  • R&D Training
  • R&D Management Training
  • Project and Project Management Training
  • Project Assessment Report, Project Plan, Project Completion Report Writing Skills, included in our training packages may open up new horizons for you.

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